Anti-Stress-Program & Swimming with Dolphins

Both our swim-with-the-dolphins program for “everyone” and anti-stress program take place in a separate 1000m2 sized open-water pool in front of the Hotels and this pool is designated for just these purposes.    It is for dealing with the stress and frustrations of everyday life, that every “healthy” human experiences. Stress from work, relationships, family or any other form of stress. Just take a break from it all, relax and do something for yourself. It doesn’t take a lot of your time, it is intense, enjoyable and relaxing..

Unique swims with the dolphins; combined with a wellness program of relaxing massages, cream- and oil baths. Let yourself be spoiled by the angels of the ocean and indulge in wellness and beauty programs, steam bath and other amenities…
3-day Anti-stress program with dolphin swimming under medical supervision
5-day anti-stress-program with dolphin swimming under medical supervision