Dolphin Trainer for a Day

Have you always wondered what it is like to be dolphin trainer? Make your dream come true and become a trainer for a day! See what it is really like to work with these magnificent animals and participate in all aspects of the job. You will be paired up with a trainer and start your day preparing fish for the dolphins’ meals and giving the dolphins their daily vitamins, then come along and assist the trainer with training as well as play sessions with the dolphins.
The trainer for a day program starts on any day you wish in the morning at 9am and finishes at 5pm. Included is one hour lunch with the trainer and at the end of the program you will get a certificate as a trainer for a day. You follow the trainer the whole day and assist him in preparing the food, clean the fish kitchen, feed the dolphin, learn skills by training the dolphin and in the afternoon you will be in the water together with the dolphin 10 minutes.

You will get a chance to learn all the things you always wanted to know about dolphins and training, learn how we train our animals and get all your questions answered. A swim session with our flippers is also included, so bring your swimwear!  Lunch is included.

Minimum age for dolphin trainer for a day is 12 years.

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